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Love & Abundance

Love & Abundance
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The Love & Abundance crystal box.
Included is an original painting by Lucia, hand-painted and designed to radiate self-love, healing, growth and enhancing intuition.

Along with the painting are the specific crystals to help you pave the way towards growth and find abundance.


Love & Abundance
Hand-painted, Original Painting by Lucia Paps Art Acrylic Paint, protected with satin varnish.
20 x 20cm on circular high-quality canvas.
Jan 2022

Rose Quartz Crystal: The stone of universal and unconditional love, to help you attract new love and empathy.

Moonstone Crystal: The goddess stone, enhancing intuition, bringing balance and helping you pave the way towards growth.

Amethyst Crystal: An all-around magic stone, calming the mind and protecting spiritually.

Comes with a signed certificate of authenticity and hand-written note from Artist