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The Fairytale

  • The Fairytale
  • The Fairytale
  • The Fairytale
  • The Fairytale
  • The Fairytale

This painting truly is a dream fairytale. I love the colours so much, the pinks and layered white. It is also the only painting in the whole 20 piece series to include gold. I love the delicate details and brush strokes. It is quite abstract - yet you can still see each petal, to each flower. It's a one of a kind and it's very special to me. I will always love this painting.

60cm x 42cm
Acrylic paint and gold metal gloss wax on thin edge canvas panel

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The Blossom Tree Series by Lucia
A note..
The paintings are a reminder that there is beauty and hope all around us. At this time of the year we’re fortunate enough to see the most beautiful blossoms of flowers - of all colours and patterns. Even though we’ve been on a ‘lockdown,’ this hasn’t stopped us from stepping out on our walks and appreciating nature and maybe now, more than ever before. Each painting in this 20 piece series is special in their own way. Each one has a unique and explained story which I’ve told in the captions. 💛
This series means a lot to me and I hope that you all love the paintings and they remind you that not everything is so bad. 🌷 Look at the little positives of what these past few weeks may have brought to you. Whether that’s learning more about your loved ones, having the focused time to complete your studies, learning to bake or cook, or simply just relax, slow down and take in the beauty of the small things around us. 🌷For me, it’s having had the time to paint every day, set up my website and share my artwork with you all. I hope they brighten your day.
Love always,