Lucia Paps Art

Tropical Corals - A Moment of Appreciation and Gratitude

Introducing "Special Moments" - an enchanting collection of original paintings created to transport you to those Special Moments.

They serve as a gentle reminder of the moments when we feel most grounded and appreciative. Inspired by Lucia's travels through Southeast Asia and Australia, each piece captures the essence of those moments when she paused, and felt fully immersed in the present moment. We have all had those moments, whether big or small, no matter where you are - a moment of pure presence where you were overwhelmed with gratitude for all that surrounded you. 🤍

These paintings are a celebration of those special moments, and Lucia hopes that they can help you rekindle that feeling and transport you back to your own cherished moments. ✨

Lucia's inspiration for the abstract corals was born whilst snorkeling in the Whitsundays. She was entranced by the beauty and intricate patterns of the coral and the stunning colors of the vibrant fish that surrounded her as she swam through the ocean. Expressing her gratitude for the ocean's beauty, she strives to capture this sensation in her abstract coral paintings.

The Special Moment:
The artwork Tropical Corals was inspired by a moment of appreciation and gratitude.

The intricate details and soft colours focus on the patterns of corals, presenting a sense of wonder and amazement to the natural world, and reminding us of the beauty and complexity of life on our planet. A moment of gratitude, to appreciate the now and both the exceptional and simple moments of life.

40 x 40cm
• An Original Painting
• 2023
• High quality on thick edge canvas
• Protected with satin varnish
• Signed by Artist
• Comes with a signed certificate of authenticity

Avoid exposure to direct sunlight