Lucia Paps Art

Zen & Calm

The Zen & Calm crystal box.
Included is an original painting by Lucia, hand-painted and designed to bring balance and a state of calm to your mind and soul.

Along with the painting are the specific crystals to gently calm, whilst draw off the negative energy to enhance growth and wisdom.


Zen & Calm
Hand-painted, Original Painting by Lucia Paps Art
Acrylic Paint, protected with satin varnish
20 x 20cm on circular high-quality canvas
Jan 2022

Blue Quartz Crystal: A calming stone that enhances creativity, communication and self-expression.

Opalite Crystal: The master healer, that draws off negative energy and enhances growth, spirituality and wisdom.

Amethyst Crystal: An all-around magic stone, calming the mind and protecting spiritually.

Comes with a signed certificate of authenticity and hand-written note from Artist